Mister-E-Liquid Honors Veterans… All Year Long!


It has long been the policy of Mister-E-Liquid.com to acknowledge the service of active duty military and veterans. We are honored to have those who have served their country as our customers!

One of the ways that we have honored those of you who have sacrificed is to offer a discount code for 15% off. Unfortunately, as is often the case in the online retail world, that code has leaked and is being used by some who are neither veterans nor active duty. While we like for all of our customers to receive special pricing, and we frequently run sales to make sure that happens, we want to continue to offer a special discount to our veterans and active duty personnel.

We are discontinuing the coupon code, and we are still going to give our military family members their special pricing, while making it easier for those who are actually entitled to receive the discount! All orders that ship to APO/FPO addresses will now get an automatic 15% active duty discount. If you are a veteran, please call us at 855-647-8373, or email us at customerservice@mister-e-liquid.com, with documentation of your status, and we will assure that you get the discount for as long as you keep your account with us! You won’t even have to remember that old coupon code, let alone enter it. Just order…

We are honored to continue the program for its original intended use!


1 thought on “Mister-E-Liquid Honors Veterans… All Year Long!”

  1. This is a great thing to see! My father has served his term in the Vietnam war and is now a Veteran who is still reaping the negative aspects from Agent Orange unfortunately. They tried to remove his cancer using new technology via the Da Vinci machine but it failed and he is now living with the constant agony that cancer brings. It has affected him greatly and all of us in the family also have been brought this fear of the great loss of a great man who has always loved serving our country with the utmost respect, even as cancer has settled in on his and our lives. Just wanted to say thank you to the person who made the decision to give 15% back to a person who gave 100% of his mind, body and soul to this GREAT COUNTRY of ours! God Bless you and may vaping be the only choice for Americans as we educate ourselves and better our lives with this amazing miracle given to us as an option. After 4 years of being tobacco free, our lives have been transformed and so much praise we have given to the vaping industry for saving our lives. Just 3 months after quitting smoking the horrible wheezing left and the morning cough that strained the throat and lungs also vanished from my world. My Father and Mother prayed for over 25 years for a miracle to take place concerning my health which had been affected by cigarettes. Now, after 4 years of vaping, my lungs have cleared up 90% and climbing thank God, and thank you Mister-E-Liquid for providing a product that I do not have to live in fear with! The price of your products is also very affordable which makes living that much more easier! Looking forward to being a lifetime member of Mister-E-Liquid! Need I say more? Thanks again for your respect for veterans and your determination to provide affordable, outstandingly high graded quality items!

    Sincerely ‘
    Brad Woods

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