Thank You!

It’s been a crazy year, this 2016. There have been many and varied challenges and successes. We want to thank all of our customers for participating in all of it!  We have taken the challenges head on. We opened the year, knowing that FDA regs were coming and in January announced our ISO 9001 certification. The May 10 release of the regulations provided guidance. Many of the questions we had were answered. The remainder of the year, in large part, was spent preparing for implementation of the deeming regulations; we were ready.

What is ISO 9001 and why do I care?

ISO 9001 is a series of quality management standards that designed to facilitate consistent, measurable and repeatable manufacturing practices. In short, it means you can expect the same product, the same experience whenever you order and open a bottle of Mister E Liquid. The process of achieving ISO 9001 certification is involved and exhaustive, and is likely to be required of all e-liquid manufacturers when good manufacturing processes are established and implemented pursuant to the FDA Deeming Regulations.

Product Development Frenzy

We have been preparing for some time, based on what we expected the regulations to contain. On May 10, 2016 the document was released, naming August 8 as the date when anything that was going to “hit the market” had to have “hit the market”. That put our development team into high gear! From flavorists to marketing professionals there was a huge emphasis on getting all manner of new flavors available to the public. We accomplished much during those summer months as you can see by the new product offerings at We are so excited to have released some great new flavors.

August 8th and the New Market

At the time the regulations were published, they introduced a requirement that any product intended for use in an electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) be registered by year’s end. Each SKU required an application of its own. That means Blue Voodoo in 3mg nicotine and 50% VG had an application, as did Blue Voodoo in 3mg nicotine and 33% VG. The Mister E Liquid line has 86 flavors, each with three size variants, eight nicotine level variants, four VG percentage variants, and four “Ice” variants. If you do the math, that’s 384 SKU’s per flavor. Add the “glass bottle” lines such as Reverb, Bilo, Trademark Infringement, That’s So Pretzel and many more and you begin to get a perspective. This was a huge undertaking.

Whatever It Takes!

Why do we do all of this? Because we are passionate! We believe in vaping and we want to help as many people as possible. We are grateful for the opportunity to help, and hopeful for the chance to continue for many years to come. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation, whether you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, like our Facebook page, are part of our Facebook group,The MEL Zone. or, of course, whether you have ordered from us or purchased anything in our retail locations. You mean the world to us, and we will do whatever it takes to keep serving you!

2017 and Beyond

We wish you the best for the year(s) to come! We have a few surprises on the horizon. Keep an eye on our social media, and here at the blog! The first change many of you will see in 2017 is the update in our Sweet Tooth rewards program.

Attention Sweet Tooth Rewards Members:

With the New Year comes new things, and Mister-E-Liquid has listened!  Because of customer feedback, we are reworking our Sweet Tooth rewards system.  Instead of having to deal with coupon codes to get your rewards, we are switching to a points for dollars system.  What does that mean for you?  Starting January 1st, you will be able to redeem your MEL Rewards points for store credit!  This store credit will be applied directly to your account, and will be available like real money during the checkout process to be applied to your order.  No more coupon code issues!  In the past if Mister-E-Liquid had a special coupon available you had to choose between using your rewards coupon or using the sale coupon.  Not anymore!  Now that your rewards are received as store credit, you can use your rewards on any order, regardless of and in addition to and other coupons Mister-E-Liquid has available!

But what about your existing rewards coupons that you haven’t used yet?  Not a problem, all existing rewards coupons that have not yet been redeemed will remain available until you want to use them.


While the current regulatory environment is tough, we are tough too! And when we say “we“, we mean you too! So, let’s move on into and through 2017 determined and hopeful. Thanks again for your continued patronage. With your help, next year is going to be BIG!


Happy Vaping!


Mister-E-Liquid Honors Veterans… All Year Long!


It has long been the policy of to acknowledge the service of active duty military and veterans. We are honored to have those who have served their country as our customers!

One of the ways that we have honored those of you who have sacrificed is to offer a discount code for 15% off. Unfortunately, as is often the case in the online retail world, that code has leaked and is being used by some who are neither veterans nor active duty. While we like for all of our customers to receive special pricing, and we frequently run sales to make sure that happens, we want to continue to offer a special discount to our veterans and active duty personnel.

We are discontinuing the coupon code, and we are still going to give our military family members their special pricing, while making it easier for those who are actually entitled to receive the discount! All orders that ship to APO/FPO addresses will now get an automatic 15% active duty discount. If you are a veteran, please call us at 855-647-8373, or email us at, with documentation of your status, and we will assure that you get the discount for as long as you keep your account with us! You won’t even have to remember that old coupon code, let alone enter it. Just order…

We are honored to continue the program for its original intended use!


Mister-E-Liquid’s Top 5 Vaping Gifts

MEL Logo Holiday LightsOne of the great joys of vaping is the sheer variety of e-liquid and vaping hardware available. It means that vapers can customize their experience to match their exact desires, but the huge array of options sometimes makes it tough to know what gifts would be appreciated most by the vaper in your life. To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 products for the vaper on your list, as well as a few alternatives you might consider. So wreathe your lights in fog this holiday season with this great selection of vaping gifts from Mister-E-Liquid!

Mister-E-Liquid: Blue Voodoo

Blue Voodoo

Find a different kind of holiday spirit with Blue Voodoo! E-Liquid is obviously the perfect gift choice for anyone who vapes; the challenge lies in finding a flavor that ANYONE would enjoy. Which is what makes Blue Voodoo an ideal gift for the vaper in your life: it’s consistently one of our top-selling juices, and when this e-liquid premiered at VapeBash it sold out completely in a handful of hours!

There’s more going on in this magical flavor than simple a blue raspberry e-liquid: there’s some mysterious combination of flavors that perfectly offsets the tart raspberry with a kiss of sweetness. Perfect for holiday parties – like a tastier blue raspberry candy cane that doesn’t stain your mouth – this e-liquid is a sure to please whatever vaper you’re shopping for. It’s like making someone a voodoo doll and then doing nice stuff to it!

Alternative: Buying for someone who isn’t into the fruity side of vaping? Give them a bottle of Craft Bourbon Stout this holiday season. This e-liquid has the rich, thick flavor of a small-batch imperial craft stout. Hearty and flavorful, this e-liquid is ideal for those cold winter evenings!

Premium E-Liquid: Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement

If you’re shopping for someone who drips an RDA, or loves premium high-VG e-liquid for their sub-ohm tank, you should consider buying some premium glass bottle e-liquid for the holiday. Glass bottle e-liquid carries a finer cachet, and also just looks cooler to the recipient, particularly if you pick up something that comes in a special presentation box!

Trademark Infringement is our pick, then, for the perfect glass bottle e-liquid this gift-giving season. It’s a creamy lemon-mint vape, and it comes with all sorts of special packaging. Inside the distinctly manila gift box, you’ll find a spare 30ml easy-pour bottle, a Dripster – the original vape coaster! – and our defiant tongue-in-cheek letter to the vaping industry, begging them to stop cloning other people’s popular brands and flavors. It’s an incredibly smooth flavor in a spectacular package: the perfect gift!

Alternative: If you really want to get them in the holiday spirit, look no further than Santa’s Candy Cane! It’s a startlingly authentic peppermint candy cane e-liquid, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to help prevent animal abuse and neglect. The perfect gift for the animal-loving vaper!

Starter Kit: Eleaf iStick Basic Starter Kit

Eleaf iStick Basic Starter Kit

If you’re buying for someone who’s new to vaping, you can’t just throw a mod and atomizer in their general direction and expect them to get maximum use and enjoyment from your thoughtful gift. You need a Starter Kit: one package with absolutely everything they need to get started (except e-liquid: see above!). And nothing too fussy or complicated or difficult to use, either: if you want them to ditch the stink and expense of smoking, vaping has to be just as easy!

Enter the Eleaf iStick Basic Starter Kit. This little package has everything an aspiring vaper needs to get started: a 2300mAh battery for all-day capacity; a Kanger Evod Glass clearomizer for ease of use and filling; even spare VOCC replacement coils. Plus, it comes in four different colors, one of which is sure to please whomever you’re buying for. And at this price, you can pick yourself up one as a spare!

Alternative: New drivers usually start on side streets or back roads, but if you want to drop your new vaper off right on the expressway, give them a TOPBOX Mini TC-75 or TOPBOX Nano TC. These are great sub-ohm kits on their own, and they’ll take Kanger’s excellent SSOCC replacement coils, Clapton replacement coils, or even Kanger’s Ni-200 temperature-control replacement coils! Tick the box to add a battery, and your new vaper goes from zero to 100 in the time it takes them to open your gift.

Mod: Reuleaux RX200S

Reuleaux RX200S

What could be a better gift for a vaper than the latest version of Reuleaux’s incredible RX200! This powerhouse takes three 18650 batteries and can output up to 200 watts of power, but it’s not just about throwing energy at coils: this brawny thing’s got brains, too, with TCR temperature control featuring compatibility with nickel, titanium, and steel wire!

The form very nearly trumps the function on the Reuleaux RX200S: the black and red version a Teutonic luxury car. This new version increases the size of the OLED screen to nearly an inch diagonally! Positive-touch buttons make sure it feels as good as it looks. These mods aren’t just anonymous boxes jammed with batteries, they’re functional works of art that any vaper would be bowled over to receive.

Alternative: It’s hard to dismiss the convenience of a built-in battery. The Eleaf iPower has the same temperature control options and compatibility of the RX200S, and while it’ll only reach 80 watts in power mode, the onboard 5000mAh battery is USB-rechargeable for simplicity and convenience. And they’re no slouch in the design department, either: with sharp, realistic bronze, deep, walnut-looking woodgrain, and a high-reflective white that looks like an HDR demo, the Eleaf iPower has power and looks in a package that won’t leave you staring blankly at an empty wallet come December 26.

Atomizer: Kanger Protank 4

Kanger Protank 4

There are a lot of different companies in the tank game, but no one’s got it on lock like Kanger. Their interchangeable coil ecosystem alone would make them worth the price of admission, but the design and function of every Kanger tank builds on the previous generation until they’ve reached what we can only assume is Peak Tank.

The Kanger Protank 4 has an easy top-fill that you can even operate with one hand. Its extensive airflow options make it ideal for everyone: the drip tip airflow is a unique touch, and the bottom airflow at its widest setting allows more air than any Kanger tank out there, and yet will happily close down to pinhole levels! It really is the tank that can do it all.

While you’re gifting them with such an amazing tank, don’t forget to pick up some of Kanger’s awesome replacement coils while you’re at it: the standard SSOCC replacement coils come in two sub-ohm resistances, their Clapton replacement coils allow much greater power and produce even more flavor, and their amazing Ni-200 temperature-control replacement coils bring the world of temperature control to Kanger tanks!

Alternative: If Kanger is taking the gold, Aspire is just a half-step behind, and their Aspire Atlantis EVO tank is an ideal gift choice for someone who’s already using Aspire gear. These tanks sub-ohm with the best of them, and even have their own wattage-mode Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coils, two different resistances of Aspire Atlantis Clapton Replacement Coils, and even temperature-controlled Aspire Atlantis Ni200 Replacement Coils.

Bonus: Gift Certificates

If you’re not quite sure what to buy, don’t despair! Vaping is such a personal hobby: sometimes it’s best if they pick their own gift. Part of the joy of vaping is that wide variety of available e-liquid and vaping hardware lets you customize your experience to your exact desires, and that means vapers love to shop! A gift certificate says that you value their judgment and want them to have what makes them happiest.

Best of all, Mister-E-Liquid gift certificates are never obsolete or out-of-style: they make a great gift now, and for their next birthday, and the President’s Day after that (if you’re one of those brave few who celebrates President’s Day with gift-giving). Buy them something they’ll always be able to use with a Mister-E-Liquid gift certificate!

Columbus Day and Your Shipments


To all of our valued customers:

Please be advised that due to the USPS closing for Columbus Day on Monday, October 10, 2016, most weekend shipments will be delayed by one day. We will resume regular shipments on Tuesday, October 11. If you’re cutting it close, order before the weekend! We’d hate for you to have to go without for even a day!

Thank you,
Mister-E-Liquid Customer Service

New Lines Available at!

If you looked, you found new flavor lines on our websites this morning! While these flavors have been available in limited release at our retail locations since early August, we decided it was time to make them available to everyone.

  • Animal Rescue: Formerly a one-flavor line, the Animal Rescue line has grown to four flavors. What is sweeter than a puppy or a kitten? We stayed right with the theme of sweetness when we added three new flavors to this already popular “e-liquid with a purpose” line.
  • Inked: Inspired by different tattoo styles, the Inked line features complex vapes and eye-popping labels that would look great in ink on your body.
  • Plex Ohm: These tasty e-liquids pack flavor by the bunches! They complement your intricate coils with intricate, rich combinations that wake right up when exposed to an Alien Framed Staple Coil or a Fused Clapton build, using Ninja Wire. Of course, they need to be filled with Ninja Wick!
  • That’s So Pretzel: Salty, Sweet, Repeat! You will definitely want to try this unique chocolate-covered-pretzel e-liquid. Packaged in a unique presentation box with a complimentary easy-drip bottle and a Dripster for those inevitable little runs down the side of your bottle when transferring, this flavor satisfies the “sweet tooth” and the “salty tooth” (Is that even a thing?) at the same time!
  • Trademark Infringement: Intellectual property theft has run rampant in the e-liquid industry recently! We opted for a different take. This lemon-mint flavor is packaged to show it. Complete with a “Cease & Desist” letter, Trademark Infringement delivers a unique flavor, an easy drip bottle, and a Dripster. Our marketing team had a blast with this one!

As you may know, flavor development and marketing require a significant time investment. We’ve been working on these for a good long while. We hope you enjoy these great new lines as much as we enjoyed getting them ready for you! Click the link to enjoy that new, new!

Have You Noticed?

Elite, Southern Fields, and Varadero

We know that many of our customers are either smokers or former smokers, and, as such, tend toward tobacco flavors. Well, have you noticed? Just before August 8th, 2016, Mister-E-Liquid released three new tobacco flavors! We have worked hard in the past developing fruit, dessert, and creamy vapes to the benefit of many lucky vapers. Now it’s the tobacco vaper’s turn!

New amongst our Signature Tobacco Series you will find Elite, Southern Fields, and Varadero!

  • Elite: If you have fond memories of Grandpa’s pipe, you will want to try Elite, a smooth, sweet, and complex tobacco…more briar than corncob. This rich blend will remind you of walking into a high end tobacconist’s shop and enjoying the complete sensory experience.
  • Southern Fields: The Commonwealth of Kentucky gives us so many wonderful things! They grow amazing tobacco, and they produce the best oak-aged bourbon in the world. In fact, some would say if it’s not from Kentucky, it’s not bourbon. Enjoy this tobacco blend reminiscent of an oaky bourbon cigar.
  • Varadero: You will want to pass bottles of this around at the birth of a child! It takes over 100 steps to make a Cuban cigar. True story! Despite the recent relaxation of the trade embargo against the island of Cuba, its cigars remain elusive. When acquired, they are usually saved for special occasions. Yet Mister-E-Liquid’s Varadero is readily available. Now you can enjoy the flavor every day!

We know that these fantastic new additions will earn their places alongside Copperhead, Grey Matter, Mister E’s RY4, and the other tried-and-true favorites in the Signature Tobacco Series in many vapers’ daily rotations! We just can’t wait to hear your feedback on these new tobaccos. We think they are some of our best work yet! Click the link to order these new tobacco gems!

Product Reformulations

Anyone who is paying attention knows that there are many changes afoot in our industry as a result of the FDA Deeming Regulations taking effect on August 8, 2016. It’s a hectic time for many e-liquid manufacturers and Mister-E-Liquid is no exception. We recently shared a letter from our Founder & CEO, Dan Lawitzke about some of the upcoming changes you’ll see in the packaging and labeling of our e-liquid, along with new age verification requirements, among other things.

This communication affects the following flavors:

  • Eye Q
  • Green Van
  • G.T.F.O.
  • Heartbreaker
  • Mister-E’s Bubblegum
  • Mister-E’s Lemonade
  • Myster-E
  • Pink Dragon
  • Pink Lady
  • PomBerry
  • VapeNectar
  • Roughneck
  • Lemon Ice
  • Cherry Lemonade
  • Pomegranate Lemonade

One of our flavor suppliers has been unable to conform to the regulations taking effect on Monday, August 8, 2016, and we have been forced to reformulate these flavors. With the exception of a slight change in color – and that only in the flavors with a pink tint, which will now appear clear – you should not notice any difference.

We make this announcement only to comply with our corporate culture on transparency. Please continue to enjoy the flavors we have worked hard to refine, and, as always…

Happy Vaping!

A Letter From the CEO

To our valued Mister-E-Liquid Customers,

At Mister-E-Liquid, we have always pursued compliance with all State and Federal regulations.  To that end, as August 8th approaches, you will notice that Mister-E-Liquid has and will continue to make changes to our product lines.  All of these changes are intended to ensure that Mister-E-Liquid will continue to be able to provide you with the quality, responsibly made products that you have come to love.  

Some of the changes that have happened are things like the conversion from 135ml bottles to 65ml bottles.  Also, you may have noticed that newly manufactured products bear a Nicotine warning statement that is compliant with the FDA Deeming Regulations.  

One of the new changes will include additional packaging for Mister-E-Liquid triangle bottles.  They will now all come enclosed in packaging that bears all required warnings and specifications.  

Additionally, due to the substantial burden the FDA has placed on product listing and packaging standards, Mister-E-Liquid has been forced to reduce and streamline its product offerings.  To that end, we have limited our menthol choices to our most popular (1, 3, & 5), we have also removed the option for extra flavor as well as flavor adders such as: Cherry, Tangerine, etc.  

Due to more restrictive labeling requirements, the option of MAX VG, which was variable based on nicotine and flavoring concentration, will no longer be available.  However, that does not mean that you won’t be able to purchase Mister-E-Liquid in higher VG percentages, it means that the highest VG available is now limited by flavor and nicotine strength chosen when purchasing the product.  The exact amount will be reflected in your selection options and on the label.   

Customers in our retail stores will be able to purchase sample sessions, which will be retained within the Juice Portal ordering system.  The fee for this purchase will be nominal, but is intended to meet the FDA’s rules for prohibition of free sampling.  

Finally, you will see that we are no longer allowing minors to enter our stores, regardless of whether they are with a parent or guardian.  We understand that this may result in inconveniences for our customers, however, in order to ensure compliance with all applicable laws this is the best course of action to take.  With that, our retail stores will be implementing more stringent identification requirements and will no longer be allowed to let customers sample products for free.  

We would like to say thank you to you all; for your understanding, your patience, and your continued support.  We ask that you please continue to support our industry, including H.R. 2058 and the Cole-Bishop Amendment to the 2017 Agriculture Appropriations Bill.  


Daniel T. Lawitzke
Founder and CEO

New 65ml Bottles Available, 135ml Bottles Discontinued

To our valued Mister-E-Liquid customers,

It is with our deepest apologies that we regret to inform you that due to recent regulations, Mister-E-Liquid will no longer be able to provide our products in 135ml bottles.  Our manufacturer could not provide us with the certifications for compliance with the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act that they assured us we would receive.

Our Customer Solutions Team has been working diligently to find an alternative to this issue that suits the needs of our customers, while not compromising on Mister-E-Liquid’s commitment to quality products.  It is with that in mind that we proudly announce that Mister-E-Liquid will now sell our products in a 65ml bottle.  This product will be available as soon as the 135ml bottle has been removed from the market.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact



Daniel T. Lawitzke
Founder & CEO

Joint Statement from Public Heath England & Other British Health Organizations

Along with several other public health organizations, Public Health England has released a joint statement on vaping. The hope is that it can build understanding of and consensus on vaping and its impact on public health. Public Health England,
 Action on Smoking and Health,
 Association of Directors of Public Health, British Lung Foundation, 
Cancer Research UK, Faculty of Public Health, 
Fresh North East,
 Healthier Futures,
 Public Health Action,
 Royal College of Physicians,
 Royal Society for Public Health,
 UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, and UK Health Forum all signed onto this statement.

At Mister-E-Liquid, we don’t claim to be medical professionals, or “public health experts,” but we like to share information that is pertinent to our industry. We hope that our representatives in the U.S. Congress, and any member of the judiciary, will consider this information when determining positions regarding our industry and its future. Following is the entire text of the joint statement:

Since 2000, smoking among adults in England has fallen by one third and among children by two thirds. Yet almost one in five adults continue to smoke, with higher rates in the more deprived communities meaning that they bear the majority of the harm caused. There is a strong public health consensus on tobacco control, embodied in the landmark report Smoking Still Kills.

We all agree that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking. One in two lifelong smokers dies from their addiction. All the evidence suggests that the health risks posed by e-cigarettes are relatively small by comparison but we must continue to study the long-term effects.

And yet, millions of smokers have the impression that e-cigarettes are at least as harmful as tobacco. Over 1.3 million UK e-cigarette users have completely stopped smoking and almost 1.4 million others continue to smoke. We have a responsibility to provide clear information on the evidence we have, to encourage complete smoking cessation and help prevent relapse to smoking.

The public health opportunity is in helping smokers to quit, so we may encourage smokers to try vaping but we certainly encourage vapers to stop smoking tobacco completely.

We know that e-cigarettes are the most popular quitting tool in the country with more than 10 times as many people using them than using local stop smoking services. However, we also know that using local stop smoking services is by far the most effective way to quit.

The current national evidence is that in the UK regular e-cigarette among youth use is almost exclusively confined to those young people who have already smoked, and youth smoking prevalence is continuing to fall. This is an area that we will continue to research and keep under closest surveillance. Since October 2015, regulations to protect children make it an offence to sell e-cigarettes to anyone under 18 or to buy e- cigarettes for them and the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 ban print and broadcast advertising of e-cigarettes as part of an extensive range of regulations.

We should not forget what is important here. We know that smoking is the number one killer in England and we have a public health responsibility to provide smokers with the information and the tools to help them quit smoking completely and forever.

We share a commitment to provide up-to-date information on the emerging evidence on e-cigarettes, as shown in PHE’s review, which is the third in this area. This commitment drove PHE and Cancer Research UK to set up the UK E-cigarette Research Forum and the Royal College of Physicians to publish Nicotine without smoke, honouring our longstanding promise to monitor and share the evidence, providing clear messages to the public.

There is no circumstance in which it is better for a smoker to continue smoking – a habit that kills one in every two and harms many others, costing the NHS and society billions every year. We will continue to share what we know and address what we don’t yet know, to ensure clear, consistent messages for the public and health professionals.