Mister-E-Liquid’s Top 5 Vaping Gifts

MEL Logo Holiday LightsOne of the great joys of vaping is the sheer variety of e-liquid and vaping hardware available. It means that vapers can customize their experience to match their exact desires, but the huge array of options sometimes makes it tough to know what gifts would be appreciated most by the vaper in your life. To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 products for the vaper on your list, as well as a few alternatives you might consider. So wreathe your lights in fog this holiday season with this great selection of vaping gifts from Mister-E-Liquid!

Mister-E-Liquid: Blue Voodoo

Blue Voodoo

Find a different kind of holiday spirit with Blue Voodoo! E-Liquid is obviously the perfect gift choice for anyone who vapes; the challenge lies in finding a flavor that ANYONE would enjoy. Which is what makes Blue Voodoo an ideal gift for the vaper in your life: it’s consistently one of our top-selling juices, and when this e-liquid premiered at VapeBash it sold out completely in a handful of hours!

There’s more going on in this magical flavor than simple a blue raspberry e-liquid: there’s some mysterious combination of flavors that perfectly offsets the tart raspberry with a kiss of sweetness. Perfect for holiday parties – like a tastier blue raspberry candy cane that doesn’t stain your mouth – this e-liquid is a sure to please whatever vaper you’re shopping for. It’s like making someone a voodoo doll and then doing nice stuff to it!

Alternative: Buying for someone who isn’t into the fruity side of vaping? Give them a bottle of Craft Bourbon Stout this holiday season. This e-liquid has the rich, thick flavor of a small-batch imperial craft stout. Hearty and flavorful, this e-liquid is ideal for those cold winter evenings!

Premium E-Liquid: Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement

If you’re shopping for someone who drips an RDA, or loves premium high-VG e-liquid for their sub-ohm tank, you should consider buying some premium glass bottle e-liquid for the holiday. Glass bottle e-liquid carries a finer cachet, and also just looks cooler to the recipient, particularly if you pick up something that comes in a special presentation box!

Trademark Infringement is our pick, then, for the perfect glass bottle e-liquid this gift-giving season. It’s a creamy lemon-mint vape, and it comes with all sorts of special packaging. Inside the distinctly manila gift box, you’ll find a spare 30ml easy-pour bottle, a Dripster – the original vape coaster! – and our defiant tongue-in-cheek letter to the vaping industry, begging them to stop cloning other people’s popular brands and flavors. It’s an incredibly smooth flavor in a spectacular package: the perfect gift!

Alternative: If you really want to get them in the holiday spirit, look no further than Santa’s Candy Cane! It’s a startlingly authentic peppermint candy cane e-liquid, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to help prevent animal abuse and neglect. The perfect gift for the animal-loving vaper!

Starter Kit: Eleaf iStick Basic Starter Kit

Eleaf iStick Basic Starter Kit

If you’re buying for someone who’s new to vaping, you can’t just throw a mod and atomizer in their general direction and expect them to get maximum use and enjoyment from your thoughtful gift. You need a Starter Kit: one package with absolutely everything they need to get started (except e-liquid: see above!). And nothing too fussy or complicated or difficult to use, either: if you want them to ditch the stink and expense of smoking, vaping has to be just as easy!

Enter the Eleaf iStick Basic Starter Kit. This little package has everything an aspiring vaper needs to get started: a 2300mAh battery for all-day capacity; a Kanger Evod Glass clearomizer for ease of use and filling; even spare VOCC replacement coils. Plus, it comes in four different colors, one of which is sure to please whomever you’re buying for. And at this price, you can pick yourself up one as a spare!

Alternative: New drivers usually start on side streets or back roads, but if you want to drop your new vaper off right on the expressway, give them a TOPBOX Mini TC-75 or TOPBOX Nano TC. These are great sub-ohm kits on their own, and they’ll take Kanger’s excellent SSOCC replacement coils, Clapton replacement coils, or even Kanger’s Ni-200 temperature-control replacement coils! Tick the box to add a battery, and your new vaper goes from zero to 100 in the time it takes them to open your gift.

Mod: Reuleaux RX200S

Reuleaux RX200S

What could be a better gift for a vaper than the latest version of Reuleaux’s incredible RX200! This powerhouse takes three 18650 batteries and can output up to 200 watts of power, but it’s not just about throwing energy at coils: this brawny thing’s got brains, too, with TCR temperature control featuring compatibility with nickel, titanium, and steel wire!

The form very nearly trumps the function on the Reuleaux RX200S: the black and red version a Teutonic luxury car. This new version increases the size of the OLED screen to nearly an inch diagonally! Positive-touch buttons make sure it feels as good as it looks. These mods aren’t just anonymous boxes jammed with batteries, they’re functional works of art that any vaper would be bowled over to receive.

Alternative: It’s hard to dismiss the convenience of a built-in battery. The Eleaf iPower has the same temperature control options and compatibility of the RX200S, and while it’ll only reach 80 watts in power mode, the onboard 5000mAh battery is USB-rechargeable for simplicity and convenience. And they’re no slouch in the design department, either: with sharp, realistic bronze, deep, walnut-looking woodgrain, and a high-reflective white that looks like an HDR demo, the Eleaf iPower has power and looks in a package that won’t leave you staring blankly at an empty wallet come December 26.

Atomizer: Kanger Protank 4

Kanger Protank 4

There are a lot of different companies in the tank game, but no one’s got it on lock like Kanger. Their interchangeable coil ecosystem alone would make them worth the price of admission, but the design and function of every Kanger tank builds on the previous generation until they’ve reached what we can only assume is Peak Tank.

The Kanger Protank 4 has an easy top-fill that you can even operate with one hand. Its extensive airflow options make it ideal for everyone: the drip tip airflow is a unique touch, and the bottom airflow at its widest setting allows more air than any Kanger tank out there, and yet will happily close down to pinhole levels! It really is the tank that can do it all.

While you’re gifting them with such an amazing tank, don’t forget to pick up some of Kanger’s awesome replacement coils while you’re at it: the standard SSOCC replacement coils come in two sub-ohm resistances, their Clapton replacement coils allow much greater power and produce even more flavor, and their amazing Ni-200 temperature-control replacement coils bring the world of temperature control to Kanger tanks!

Alternative: If Kanger is taking the gold, Aspire is just a half-step behind, and their Aspire Atlantis EVO tank is an ideal gift choice for someone who’s already using Aspire gear. These tanks sub-ohm with the best of them, and even have their own wattage-mode Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coils, two different resistances of Aspire Atlantis Clapton Replacement Coils, and even temperature-controlled Aspire Atlantis Ni200 Replacement Coils.

Bonus: Gift Certificates

If you’re not quite sure what to buy, don’t despair! Vaping is such a personal hobby: sometimes it’s best if they pick their own gift. Part of the joy of vaping is that wide variety of available e-liquid and vaping hardware lets you customize your experience to your exact desires, and that means vapers love to shop! A gift certificate says that you value their judgment and want them to have what makes them happiest.

Best of all, Mister-E-Liquid gift certificates are never obsolete or out-of-style: they make a great gift now, and for their next birthday, and the President’s Day after that (if you’re one of those brave few who celebrates President’s Day with gift-giving). Buy them something they’ll always be able to use with a Mister-E-Liquid gift certificate!