Trademark Infringement

Mister-E-Liquid is proud to be a part of a new, vibrant industry filled with creative, clever individuals. Government regulation looms. While we strive to comply, and fight to change those regulations, we, among many others in the industry, find ourselves in a dilemma.

Heroes & Miscreants

Along with all of the bright, hard-working people in our industry, there are some rapscallions. These scoundrels see a way to cash in on a trend. They see a hot new technology and get involved, only to outright steal intellectual property. They mix up a batch of e-liquid, slap on a label resembling a popular brand (of something else), and sell it until it’s gone. If they get positive feedback, they mix up another batch. If not, they choose another brand to replicate, regardless the FDA regulations. Lather, rinse, repeat…

These scalawags threaten our industry! The reputable manufacturers work hard to develop and promote unique brands, with marketing budgets and everything. They employ graphics artists with originality. They actually run their business like grownups and with integrity. On the dark side, the IP thieves seem to just photocopy a commonly seen label for a ubiquitous brand, slap it on the e-liquid bottle and pocket the money.

What to do, what to do?

We, as one of the “good guys”, have struggled. How do we compete in this copycat marketing world? We decided one way was to educate! We want consumers to know that if they feed the beast, it will grow. And this beast will consume our industry. So, we encourage the reader to avoid buying an e-liquid bottle with a candy, soda pop or breakfast cereal logo on the bottle. Stick with something that looks like, well, an e-liquid brand. Taste is subjective, but with all of the e-liquid available on the market today we are certain there is something from one of the “good guys” that will appeal to you!


The other thing we decided to do was to fight marketing with marketing! Take a look at this label:

Trademark_Infringement_in_60ml_glass_bottle_with_nicotine_in_box__17443.1473796798.1280.1280 Trademark_Infringement_in_60ml_glass_bottle_with_nicotine_in_box_rear_view__91422.1473796797.1280.1280

This product makes a statement beyond, “We won’t use another company’s intellectual property.” It begs the opportunists to stop! And the originality goes beyond the label! Trademark Infringement ain’t just another strawberry milk. This lemon mint custard does fresh and creamy all at the same time. This unique blend can be an all-day vape for some and a sure cure for vaper’s tongue for everyone!

Cease & Desist

Dear Vaping Industry,

It has been brought to our attention that you have flagrantly and maliciously utilized the trademarks and branding of other, already well-established products. Not only have you put yourself in a situation in which a legal “ban hammer” will eventually be dropped on you, but you have irreparably damaged our industry as a whole, making all of us look like unoriginal, opportunistic, money-hungry jackasses.

While you may claim ignorance, you know, just as well as we do, that this was a deliberate act, with the intent to capitalize on companies who have spent years working on building the brands and products that everyone has come to recognize. We formally demand that you Cease and Desist producing any and all e-liquids that lack originality, and refrain from infringing on these well-known trademarks. Instead of vaping something that engages in trademark infringement… engage in vaping Trademark Infringement.

Sincerely Yours,

The Good Guys

So there you have it. The next time you are browsing the ‘net, or gazing at the shelves in your local vape shop, give it some thought. At least avoid those rascals’ brands. At most, buy Trademark Infringement!

Trademark_Infringement_in_60ml_glass_bottle_with_nicotine_with_Dripster_spare_bottle_and_box__06969.1473876804.1280.1280 Trademark_Infringement_Cease_Desist_Letter__70518.1473877603.1280.1280



Columbus Day and Your Shipments


To all of our valued customers:

Please be advised that due to the USPS closing for Columbus Day on Monday, October 10, 2016, most weekend shipments will be delayed by one day. We will resume regular shipments on Tuesday, October 11. If you’re cutting it close, order before the weekend! We’d hate for you to have to go without for even a day!

Thank you,
Mister-E-Liquid Customer Service