New Lines Available at!

If you looked, you found new flavor lines on our websites this morning! While these flavors have been available in limited release at our retail locations since early August, we decided it was time to make them available to everyone.

  • Animal Rescue: Formerly a one-flavor line, the Animal Rescue line has grown to four flavors. What is sweeter than a puppy or a kitten? We stayed right with the theme of sweetness when we added three new flavors to this already popular “e-liquid with a purpose” line.
  • Inked: Inspired by different tattoo styles, the Inked line features complex vapes and eye-popping labels that would look great in ink on your body.
  • Plex Ohm: These tasty e-liquids pack flavor by the bunches! They complement your intricate coils with intricate, rich combinations that wake right up when exposed to an Alien Framed Staple Coil or a Fused Clapton build, using Ninja Wire. Of course, they need to be filled with Ninja Wick!
  • That’s So Pretzel: Salty, Sweet, Repeat! You will definitely want to try this unique chocolate-covered-pretzel e-liquid. Packaged in a unique presentation box with a complimentary easy-drip bottle and a Dripster for those inevitable little runs down the side of your bottle when transferring, this flavor satisfies the “sweet tooth” and the “salty tooth” (Is that even a thing?) at the same time!
  • Trademark Infringement: Intellectual property theft has run rampant in the e-liquid industry recently! We opted for a different take. This lemon-mint flavor is packaged to show it. Complete with a “Cease & Desist” letter, Trademark Infringement delivers a unique flavor, an easy drip bottle, and a Dripster. Our marketing team had a blast with this one!

As you may know, flavor development and marketing require a significant time investment. We’ve been working on these for a good long while. We hope you enjoy these great new lines as much as we enjoyed getting them ready for you! Click the link to enjoy that new, new!

Have You Noticed?

Elite, Southern Fields, and Varadero

We know that many of our customers are either smokers or former smokers, and, as such, tend toward tobacco flavors. Well, have you noticed? Just before August 8th, 2016, Mister-E-Liquid released three new tobacco flavors! We have worked hard in the past developing fruit, dessert, and creamy vapes to the benefit of many lucky vapers. Now it’s the tobacco vaper’s turn!

New amongst our Signature Tobacco Series you will find Elite, Southern Fields, and Varadero!

  • Elite: If you have fond memories of Grandpa’s pipe, you will want to try Elite, a smooth, sweet, and complex tobacco…more briar than corncob. This rich blend will remind you of walking into a high end tobacconist’s shop and enjoying the complete sensory experience.
  • Southern Fields: The Commonwealth of Kentucky gives us so many wonderful things! They grow amazing tobacco, and they produce the best oak-aged bourbon in the world. In fact, some would say if it’s not from Kentucky, it’s not bourbon. Enjoy this tobacco blend reminiscent of an oaky bourbon cigar.
  • Varadero: You will want to pass bottles of this around at the birth of a child! It takes over 100 steps to make a Cuban cigar. True story! Despite the recent relaxation of the trade embargo against the island of Cuba, its cigars remain elusive. When acquired, they are usually saved for special occasions. Yet Mister-E-Liquid’s Varadero is readily available. Now you can enjoy the flavor every day!

We know that these fantastic new additions will earn their places alongside Copperhead, Grey Matter, Mister E’s RY4, and the other tried-and-true favorites in the Signature Tobacco Series in many vapers’ daily rotations! We just can’t wait to hear your feedback on these new tobaccos. We think they are some of our best work yet! Click the link to order these new tobacco gems!

Protank 4 Evolved Review

Kanger-Protank-4-Evolved_1024x1024__03847.1464300682.1280.1280We don’t want to blow the punch line, but this tank is awesome!

For several years, the Kanger Protank has been a staple for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers. The original Protank, released in 2013 was a giant step in build quality, ease of use, and vape-ability. Kanger did major upgrades over the months after its initial release until the Protank 3, a dual coil MTL tank that many use to this day. Further development resulted in the Aerotank, the Genitank, and then sub-ohm vaping became “a thing”. Development was then focused on the Subtank line, with the original 25mm Subtank, the 22mm Subtank Mini and the 19mm subtank Nano.

All the while coil development continued. In our opinion, Kanger’s coil game is on point. In fact, there are several high end manufacturers who have developed tanks around Kanger’s coils! The current Kanger eco-system (at least where the Protank 4 is concerned) includes 0.5 Ohm and 1.5 Ohm SSOCC’s, Ni200 SSOCC’s (for the temp control lover), and even Clapton coils, 316L coils, and the included 1.5 ohm ceramic coils. The Kanger coil lineup is arguably the best on the market.

But, this review is about the Protank 4! First, it’s attractive! Built from 304 grade Stainless Steel, it has all the right knurling in all the right places. The finish is brushed, hence it’s no fingerprint magnet and, while the black vented drip tip looks great on it, you can put your matchy 510 drip tip on it, no problem.

Second, it’s versatile! Whether you are a MTL vaper who loves the light feel of a cigarette-like draw with your 1.5 ohm coils, or a direct-lung (DL) vaper who likes a little bigger clouds and a deep direct lung hit, a “geek vaper” who loves all of the ins & outs of temp control (TC) vaping, or a tinkerer who likes to build your own coils, it’s great right out of the box! It’s all in there! In fact, the included rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) deck comes with dual Clapton coils already installed on the velocity-style deck, and a package of Japanese cotton, ready to wick!

Third, it gives you air flow control! The cyclops-type AFC at the bottom of a tank has been pretty standard for quite a while, and it’s not uncommon to see mouthpiece air control. The Protank 4 has both. For big clouds, you need big air, and the Protank 4 doesn’t disappoint. For a more subtle MTL vape, you need to be able to tighten up the draw. You can do that too. And, if you get the vapor dialed in, but it seems too hot at that high wattage, you can dial in the temperature with the mouthpiece AFC. You control the air from when it enters the base until it exits the tip.

Another ingenious feature is the child lock top-fill. Besides adding a level of protection from curious little hands, it adds a level of convenience. You see, when you unscrew the top-fill cap, it doesn’t come all the way off. Ask yourself how many times you’ve removed your top-fill cap and set it down… Somewhere… With the Protank 4, you unscrew it, pull it up, dial the cover open and fill the tank. It’s just another clever, cool feature on the Protank 4.

We think that Kanger has hit it out of the park with this tank. It’s a great MTL tank, and it will go toe-to-toe with just about any of the plethora of sub-ohm tanks on the market. Regardless your vape experience or interest, you can find a place for the Protank 4 in your arsenal!