Vaping, Passion, & Business

I was talking about the vaping business with a friend after-hours at a recent trade show. I started the conversation with, “Let me tell you how I feel…” While he didn’t really cut me off, he politely told me that he didn’t want to hear about feelings with respect to business. He theorized that there were no feelings in business, that business consists of facts and numbers. His reply was basically that without the facts and figures, feelings were a non-issue. I respectfully disagree.

One of the greatest strengths of the vaping industry is its passion, a feeling. So many people feel strongly about vaping that continued growth is assured, regardless the regulatory environment. Many things will change as regulations are implemented. I am confident that passion will survive, and so then will the industry. In fact, there can’t be a vaping industry without feelings.

That said, the industry won’t survive without a focus on facts and numbers as well. So many passionate vapers have rented space in a strip mall, put up walls around a “lab” and put an Open for Business sign on the door, and so many have failed. No business can flourish without a businessperson at the helm, regardless the industry.

It was easy in 2013 & 2014 when the whole industry grew exponentially. It made no difference whether there was a vape shop six blocks down the street or not. We were all seeing double digit growth on a monthly basis. Many of those shops that opened at that time were businesspeople who were only there to “cash in”. They lacked the passion, but they enjoyed the profit!

So, I posit to my friend… Where would the vaping industry be without feelings? I concede that facts and numbers are important, and I am thankful for passionate business people in the vaping industry. Sadly, there are many with the passion and insufficient business acumen, and many dispassionate business people. Do your homework! Support your local and online passionate businesses!