Red Elephant by Mister-E-Liquid; AVAILABLE NOW!

Announcing the worldwide release of the newest premium e-liquid line from Mister-E-Liquid!

Red Elephant by Mister-E-Liquid

AVAILABLE NOW, worldwide, at!

CLICK the links below to learn more:

BloNut Hole

Pink Milkstache

R U Cereal?

Red Elephant by Mister-E-Liquid is available in 30mL glass bottles, 70/30 VG/PG in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels.

…and as always, Happy Vaping!

-Your Mister-E-Liquid Team

Vaping University

vaping-university-banner-740x100 (1)

Our electronic cigarette Education section is seeing some drastic changes for the first time since its release about a year ago. The new e-cig education section at features expanded content on everything you want to know about electronic cigarettes.

Vaping University will soon offer three (3) ‘levels’ of vaping information – “Vaping 100”, “Vaping 200”, and “Vaping 300”. Either, CLICK the banner above to check out our education section, or CLICK the links below to learn more:

Vaping 100: The Basics – What is an electronic cigarette?

Vaping 101: Types of E-Cigs

Vaping 102: Intro to Battery Safety

Vaping 103: Atomizers and Tanks

Vaping 104: Choosing an E-Liquid

Vaping 105: Vaping in Public

Vaping 200: Intro to Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs)

Vaping 201: Regulated Mods

Vaping 202: Mechanical Mods

Vaping 203: Ohm’s Law & Mod Battery Safety

Vaping 204: Intro to Rebuildables

*Vaping 300: (COMING SOON!)

* > Note: The “Vaping 300” level of Vaping University (which includes: Vaping 300, Vaping 301, and Vaping 302) will be added as soon as it is complete, and will be as thorough as possible.

…and as always, Happy Vaping!

-Your Mister-E-Liquid Team


Try Ninja Wick & Ninja Wire, “The Premium Designer Wire for Vaping”!


Ninja Wick, #honoryourflavor and Ninja Wire, #buildlikeaninja

Watch the Ninja Wire release video above from Vaporpalooza, November 2015.

Ninja Wire – The premium, designer wire for vaping…  AVAILABLE NOW!!!

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